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Spring 2024 Graduation Application (Update)

2024-03-11 16:53
This is a reminder to apply for graduation for Spring 2024.

Spring '24 graduates must submit their graduation application by 3/31 to ensure a smooth graduation process.

Seniors completing their studies in Spring 2024 must apply for graduation by March 31. (You will attend commencement on June 3, 2024. We'll email you at that time.)

Please read the following carefully before submitting the required documents for graduation.
All documents are attached below.

1. Graduates must check their graduation credits with the Registrar's Office after applying for graduation. (except for those who have already done so)

2. Fill out the 3 documents below and send them to [email protected] by 3/31.
  • Graduation Request Form: Fill out the graduation request form with your information, sign, and date. (After submitting your application, Graduation fees can be paid at POPULI. Graduation Fee $400 + Alumni Association Fee $50)
  • Affirmation Statement Biblical Foundations: Read the statement and sign if you agree. Keep what follows and send only the signed sheet.
  • Graduation Testimonial and Vision Statement: Write no more than one page.
3. Send the Graduation Checklist to [email protected] by 5/20.
  •   You must read the question and get the appropriate dean to sign off on it.
  •   Write your name, signature, and date below.
  •   Please submit to [email protected] by 5/20. If you have an incomplete signature by 5/20, you must still submit it on time.
Administrative inquiries about graduation should be directed to [email protected],
Graduation fee payment questions should be directed to [email protected].

Graduation Request Form
Affirmation Statement Biblical Foundations
Graduation Testimonial and Vision Statement
Graduation Checklist