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Doctor of Missiology Program

Thank you for your interest in the Doctor of Missiology program at Grace Mission University .
GMU’s DMiss course is a process to produce balanced mission experts by integrating missionaries’ experience as a wise man and missiology theory.
All application forms except transcripts can be filled out and submitted online by clicking on the application form below. After all documents have been submitted, the final admission decision will be made through an interview at the admissions committee. After passing the course, you can register for classes, and once registration is complete, you can start your studies in earnest. If you have any further questions, please contact the Admissions Officer below.

[email protected]
Admissions Coordinator, JanDee Yoo

Admission qualifications

  1. A person who has received an Mdiv, ThM or equivalent Master’s degree from an accredited school and has completed 70 credits or more, including 5 or more missiology courses.
    (If there are not enough mission studies courses, you must take them additionally after entering the school.)
  2. If you have received your MA degree, you can study for the Doctor of Missiology (DMiss) course by completing systematic theology, biblical language, church history, and missiology as prerequisite courses at GMU.
  3. Must have 3 or more years of multicultural ministry experience.
  4. You must pass the admissions interview.
  5. All required documents must be submitted at the time of admission.
    (For documents to be submitted, see the handbook below)
  6. Students who are studying or have obtained a doctoral degree at an accredited school can transfer up to 12 credits.

Tuition and Scholarships

Tuition fees are set at the minimum cost according to the school’s policy to support missions. Therefore, you can study at 40-60% of the tuition of other schools.
Please refer to the table below for tuition and tuition for the Doctor of Philosophy program.
In principle, when registering for a semester, you must pay the tuition for one semester at a time. However, if there are special circumstances, you can submit a tuition installment plan to the Ministry of Finance and pay in up to three installments if approved.
In addition, the GMU Doctoral Institute provides 30% scholarships to ministers such as missionaries and pastors.

item amount
Tuition $440 / 1 unit
$1,760 / 1 course (4 Units)
Total of all courses(42 units) $18,480
Scholarship 30% of tuition
Admission Fee $100 (pay online when submitting the application)
Registration fee / semester $230 (Registration fee+ IT fee)
Leave of absence $180 (per semester)
Graduation fee $500
Audit fee $200 (per course)

Program Composition

Doctor of Missiology Degree Goals

The Doctor of Missiology (DMiss) is the final degree for missiology education, and aims to acquire missionary knowledge and abilities, evaluate and analyze missions and ministry field ministry, and develop missionary and pastoral environments through self-development.

Missionaries and pastors who already have a Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree and have rich missionary experience or multicultural ministry experience will be able to conduct healthy missionary activities and educational ministries by studying the Doctor of Missiology (DMiss) course at GMU.

Specific Majors of the Doctor of Missiology course

Doctoral Core
  • RW811 Colloquium Seminar
  • AT816 Anthropological Theory & The Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • TM842 Advanced Missional Hermeneutics
  • MH871 Contemporary World Mission Strategy in Mission History
  • RW864 Research Methodology
  • TM896 The Challenges of Contemporary Mission Theology
  • MT844 Contemporary World Mission Issue
  • PM864 Cross-Culture Missional Church Planting
  • TM836 Gospel and Contemporary Culture
  • CM811 Self-Care in Ministry/Mission
  • PT844 Biblical Worship and Culture Transformation
  • AT821 Christian Apologetics and World Religion
  • LT844 Cross-Cultural Leadership
  • RW811 Dissertation Seminar: proposal
  • RW801 Tutorial 1: Field Research
  • RW814 Dissertation Writing 1
  • RW824 Dissertation Writing 2