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GMU에 관심을 가져 주셔서 감사합니다

President’s Welcoming Message

Respected pastors, missionaries, and ministers, I greet you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
GMU, which has continued to grow, has now proven its excellence and public confidence as a prestigious seminary that can stand shoulder to shoulder with mainstream seminaries in the United States through ATS, TRACS, and ABHE full member accreditation. Grace Mission University is now recognized by the U.S. Department of Education for PhD in Intercultural Studies (Doctor of Philosophy in Intercultural Studies, ATS, TRACS accreditation), PhD in Educational Studies (Doctor of Philosophy in Education, TRACS accreditation), and DMiss (Doctor of Mission Studies, ATS, TRACS accreditation) The program has enabled us to provide the best education that is not only of high quality but also combines theory and practice.
The outstanding GMU professors will do their best to help each and every student stand tall at the top of ministry, mission, and theology.
Dear co-workers,
this is a great opportunity that God has granted us in the last days. Please challenge the GMU doctoral course with a new spirit. I am sure that these challenges will help establish evangelical ministry and mission theology, as well as self-development, and will prepare the primer for the final revival.

In Jesus,
President of Grace Mission University
Phd. Kyu-Nam Choi

Letter of invitation from the dean of the Doctoral Studies

There has never been a more uncertain time than now. At a time when even large corporations are making bone-crushing investments to survive, where is the stewardship of God’s kingdom (Matthew 13:52) going? Is the apostolic church, which inherited its missional DNA and even raged against the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 11:12), a relic of the past or a dynamic ongoing process?
Since its inception, Grace Mission University Doctoral Studies has faithfully presented an alternative missions paradigm for a rapidly changing generation.
We now believe that the Doctor of Missiology and three Doctor of Philosophy programs (PhD in Intercultural Studies, PhD in Educational Studies, and PhD in Counseling Psychology) are powerful means of grace for both the nations that need to hear the gospel and the church that needs to share it.
We would like to share with you the vision that God has given to our Doctoral Studies.
– Serve the Churches, which serves more than 27,500 Korean American missionaries and 7,000 Korean diaspora churches around the world.
– Building up global leadership to serve as the next generation of missionaries.
– Leading the Mission, establishing Korean missional theology as an Asian theology that will drive global missions.
The days of going it alone like a lone wolf in Africa are numbered. We are the emperor penguins who move forward together as a team, even if a snowstorm is coming.
Let’s go together!
I promise to stand with you as a faithful and supportive shoulder. Today, I invite you to join the vanguard of an expedition that raises only the victory banner of Christ Jesus Himself.

Dean of the Doctoral Studies
of Grace Mission University

Phd. Byoung Gu Lee

Doctoral Program

Doctor of Missiology

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  • The Doctor of Missiology (DMiss) course is a course to produce balanced mission experts by integrating missionaries’ field experience and missiology theory.
  • Field of study: Mission field and ministry development, missionary church planting and leader
  • Graduation credits: 42 credits
  • Study period: 3 years
  PhD in ICS
Doctor of Philosophy in Intercultural Studies

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  • The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD in ICS) course in cross-cultural studies is a course to produce missiologists, researchers, and professors who research various cultures and worldviews around the world and develop missiological theories.
  • Research Areas: Multicultural Leadership and Coaching, Contemporary Mission Issues, World View and World Christianity, Member Care and Debriefing
  • Graduation credits: 52 credits
  • Study period: 4-5 years
  PhD in ES
Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies

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  • The Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PhD in ES) course trains missionaries and educators who want to do more specialized educational ministry in the field as higher-level educational researchers, educational scholars, and administrators.
  • Research Area: Education Administration Management, Multicultural Education Leadership
  • Graduation credits: 52 credits
  • Study period: 4-5 years
  PhD in CP
Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Psychology

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  • The Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Psychology (PhD in CP) course is an expert course in counseling psychology that combines counseling and coaching to help missionaries and ministers with integrated member care.
  • Research field: debriefing, coaching and counseling for integrated member care
  • Graduation credits: 52 credits
  • Study period: 4-5 years


PhD in ICS & DMiss

Choi, Kyunam
Church History, Systematic Theology, Power Evangelism
Ph.D., University of New Mexico, 1988

Lee, Byoung Gu
PhD in Grace Mission University, 2021

Sang-Cheol (Steve) Moon
PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Trinity International University. 1998

Lee, Jae Suk
Missiological Hermeneutics
PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary

 An, Keon Sang
Bible and Mission
PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary

Park, Timothy
Missional Church Planting in Cross-cultural Context
PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary

Park, Hyung Jin
Mission History
PhD, Princeton Theological Seminary

PhD in ICS & DMiss English Track

Lee, Byoung Gu
PhD, Grace Mission University

Moon, Sang-Cheol
Social Science Research Method, Anthropology
PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Trinity International University

 Kwon, Hanjun
Mission Theology
PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary

PhD in ICS & DMiss Chiniese Track

Kang, Chang Seop
Biblical Foundation of Mission
PhD, Torch Trinity Graduate University

Lindsay Chen
Diaspora Missiology
PhD, Asia Life University

Jang, Mark
Mission Theology
PhD, Juan International University

PhD in ES

Lee, Soo Young
Research Method in Educational Studies
PhD, Biola University

Ahn, Song Ju
Introduction to Educational Research
PhD, Biola University

PhD in CP

Yoo, Hee Joo
Foundations of Research Design & Proposal
PhD, Torch Trinity Graduate University

Kim, Sang-Il
Biblical and Theological Foundations of Counseling Psychology
PhD, Boston University School of Theology

Jo, Sung Chul
Christian Coaching
DMin, Regent University


Kyunam Choi

Byoung Gu Lee
Dean of Doctoral Studies / HR

Sang-Cheol Moon
Director of PhD in ICS

Chul-Hong Choi
Administrative Director

JanDee Yoo
Doctoral Admissions Coordinator


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