Grace Mission University is located at 1645 W. Valencia Dr., Fullerton, California.


The campus is bounded on the west by Brookhurst Boulevard on the north by Valencia Drive. It is located between the large east–west thoroughfares of Commonwealth Avenue and CA 91 Highway. Approximately three miles north from CA Freeway 91

Students coming to the campus by automobile should follow these directions to the main entrance on Valencia Drive.

The University is housed in the beautiful and expansive Grace Korean Church. The campus consists of 26 acres with more than one 300,000 square feet of building space in 4 major buildings.

Within this massive complex the University occupies an administrative area, eight classrooms (seating 50-100 students in each), a chapel, a conference room, a student lounge, a faculty lounge, libraries, and indoor/outdoor physical exercise facilities.

Parking at the campus can host up to 300 cars at one time.


Class Rooms


Our class rooms are located on 3F North Wing and 3F South Wing at Miracle Center Building.

Class rooms consist of six large classrooms (seating 50-100 students in each) and 6 regular classrooms (seating 20-30 students in each)

To meet the growth of students, GMU has reserved several rooms inside and outside of the main education building.



Our faculty and main offices are located on 3F North Wing at Miracle Center Building.

Main offices are the administrative offices, financial office, distance education office, Dean of students, financial aid office, fulltime faculty office, Academic Dean’s office, and CEO’s office.



University chapels and conferences are intended to bring the GMU community together regularly for worship, spiritual nurture and education regarding relevant issues facing us in our lives.

The overall program brings a unique distinction to the ethos of GMU as a Christian University.

Due to the central and significant nature of that ethos, attendance at chapel is required of all students.

Library & Learning Resources


The Library serves Grace Mission University as the central information resource facility, supporting all undergraduate and graduate programs with extensive resources, regardless of format or location, and a wide variety of services.

Library has 4,300 square feet located at 201 S Basque Ave, Fullerton, CA 92833-3375.

In the GMU Library there are over 28,000 volumes in the Korean and English language including a growing theological reference collection. Further, the Media Center provides 4 dedicated multimedia viewing and listening stations.

The GMU Library is served with MLS Librarians and several assistants. Students at GMU Graduate School have access to the GMU library (Mon.-Fri. 10:00 am-10:00 pm).

The building provides space for over 40 individual study stations at tables and casual lounge reading seats equipped with data and power connections for laptop computer use.

Other Learning Resources

GMU students have full rights to use the nearby BIOLA University library (Mon.-Thu. 8:30 am-10:00 pm and Fri. 8:30 am-5:00 pm). Rights at both libraries are reciprocally granted to students registered at either institution. Students are expected to apply for guest cards at both universities by showing their student ID.

GMU has reciprocal agreement with Koshin University library at Korea. GMU graduate school student can access rich electronic resources through Koshin University library via internet.

Our local area network in the Information Commons allows up to 8 simultaneous users and student access internet with Wi-Fi at school area.

Each first month of semester, E-library Seminar is held for teaching the helping student us users and student access internet with Wi-Fi at school area.