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Application Eligibility

Master’s degree holders who have completed 36 credits or more 

9 credits of bible/theology, 9 credits of education required, students with other majors must take up
to 15 credits of master’s course according to the admissions committee’s decision

3 years of educational experience

After conditional admission,
the lack of experience is met with experience related to church, school, and community education.

GPA of 3.3/4.0

Admission Process

  1. Apply for admission by clicking “APPLY” in the menu at the top right or “Apply Online” below.
  2. A link to fill out the application form will be sent to the registered email
  3. For most of the required documents, you can download the form from the application form link sent to you via email and submit it online.
  4. After completing the application form and submitting all documents, we will inform you of the schedule for the admission interview after reviewing the documents.
  5. You will be notified of your acceptance within a few days of your interview and your student account will be activated. After that, you will be able to register for classes and check other academic related information online.

If you have any other inquiries, please click the Inquiry button below to register your information.

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Doctoral Programs

Doctor of Missiology

Read more

  • The Doctor of Missiology (DMiss) course is a course to produce balanced mission experts by integrating missionaries’ field experience and missiology theory.
  • Field of study: Mission field and ministry development, missionary church planting and leader
  • Graduation credits: 42 credits
  • Study period: 3 years
  PhD in ICS
Doctor of Philosophy in Intercultural Studies

Read more

  • The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD in ICS) course in cross-cultural studies is a course to produce missiologists, researchers, and professors who research various cultures and worldviews around the world and develop missiological theories.
  • Research Areas: Multicultural Leadership and Coaching, Contemporary Mission Issues, World View and World Christianity, Member Care and Debriefing
  • Graduation credits: 52 credits
  • Study period: 4-5 years
  PhD in ES
Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies

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  • The Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PhD in ES) course trains missionaries and educators who want to do more specialized educational ministry in the field as higher-level educational researchers, educational scholars, and administrators.
  • Research Area: Education Administration Management, Multicultural Education Leadership
  • Graduation credits: 52 credits
  • Study period: 4-5 years
  PhD in CP
Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Psychology

Read more

  • The Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Psychology (PhD in CP) course is an expert course in counseling psychology that combines counseling and coaching to help missionaries and ministers with integrated member care.
  • Research field: debriefing, coaching and counseling for integrated member care
  • Graduation credits: 52 credits
  • Study period: 4-5 years

Documents required

*Common documents (upload online)

* Please upload attachments when filling out the online application

* Application Fee $100

Apply Online

Application form; Write online

All English transcripts for master's degree or above

All English Graduate Certificates or diploma copies for Master's degree or above

Color Passport Photograph file

Resume including education-related experience

Pastor Recommendation Letter

Professor Recommendation Letter

Personal Testimony – At least 1 page (based on MS Word)

Affirmation Statements

School Performance Fact Sheet

Enrollment Agreement – to be emailed later

Legal identification with English name (passport or US driver's license)