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Independent Study Application Guide

2023-12-18 22:08

We would like to inform you about the updated policy for Independent Study.

Previously, independent study were approved by your professor and enrolled without review.
Beginning with the Spring '24 semester, a review process has been added.
Once the application is completed and approved by the professor, the Dean's Council will determine if the student really needs an independent study.

1. Beginning with the Spring '24 semester, we will be accepting applications in two phases.

The first application period is from 1/3 to 1/27 of the regular registration period.
The results of the first application will be announced by 1/30.

The second application period is from 1/29 to 2/11.
The results of the second application will be announced by 2/13.

If you are not approved, you will need to register for another course. (There is no late registration fee in this case.)

2. With independent study, students are required to meet with their professor at least three times during the semester. 

Attached below is the Independent Study Application Guide and application form.
Please read the Independent Study Application Guide carefully and complete the application form.

Due to administrative issues, we are unable to accept independent study applications during the winter semester.

If you have any questions about Independent Study, please contact [email protected].