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Learning System

GMU will guide you to the quality of study and the achievement of  your academic goal in the biblical study with our Faculties and the most advanced online learning system

Scholarship & Financial Aid

  • Academic Achievement Scholarship

  • Active Pastor and Missionary Scholarship

  • Family Scholarship

  • Financial Need Scholarship

  • Work – Study Scholarship

  • Sponsor Matching Scholarship – Designated Scholarship

International Students

GMU faculty and staff will help students adjust to academic life in the U.S., particularly if English is the student’s second language.

Who We Are

GMU is a nonprofit religious corporation under the Corporations Code of California & qualifies for a religious exemption pursuant to California Education Code.

GMU is licensed with the California BPPE for the purpose of offering its educational programs.

Furthermore, GMU  has achieved accredited status with TRACS (Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, 2012), ABHE (Association of Biblical Higher Education, 2013) & ATS (Association of Theological Schools, 2016).

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News & Events

October 3, 2023

“부모가 다음세대 신앙 확립에 가장 큰 역할 차지”

다음세대 신앙형성 프로젝트 설명회 및 스마트 미디어 세미나가 2일 오전…
September 25, 2023

다음세대 신앙계승 프로젝트

INTRODUCTION 급변하는 시대와 인구절벽의 문제, 그리고 다문화적 요인 앞에 직면한…
June 22, 2023

2023 GMU 졸업식
June 15, 2023

GMU 상담심리학 철학박사 과정 TRACS 인가

미 서부 남가주 풀러턴에 위치한 그레이스미션대학교(Grace Mission University, 총장 최규남…