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GMU 2023 Fall Semester Registration Schedule

2023-06-28 18:11
Dear GMU Students,

We are announcing the registration for the fall semester of 2023.

populi registration period : 7/5 ~ 8/14
  • Please note when registering:
Courses are divided into 5 language areas: KOR, ENG, CHI, IND, and SPA.
You need to carefully check your language region and choose a course.(Refer to the picture below.)


When registering, please choose the required courses for graduating your degree so that you do not have any difficulties in completing your graduation credits.

For those who have difficulty checking their graduation credits, we plan to hold a briefing session on the Degree Plan on Tuesday, July 11th.
The exact time will be notified later.

After the Degree Plan briefing, counseling for graduation credits can be made to the director professor for each degree.(In particular, students graduating within one year must receive credit counseling.)

1) Korean Track students
BATh: Professor Seoki Kang, [email protected]
BACC: Professor Anna Choi, [email protected]

MDiv: Professor Clay Kim,  [email protected]
MACC: Professor Ohgueon Kwon,  [email protected]
MACE: Professor Youngmi Jang,  [email protected]
MAICS: Professor Abraham Choi, [email protected]

2) ENG, CHI, IND, SPA Track Students
BATh, MDiv, MACE: Dean Song Ju Ahn,  [email protected]

*After consulting with the director, if there is a course to be substituted, the content of the course must be reported to [email protected].
  • 3 class delivery methods
1) Main Campus (face-to-face class)
2) Zoom (zoom live class)
3) Distance (recorded class)
Currently, when registering in populi, you do not have the ability to choose the delivery method of your classes.
When registering, everyone can do it on the Main Campus.

i-20 students are required to attend face-to-face classes (distance for one course is possible).
All students (except i-20 students) can participate in 3 ways.

How To apply with distance,
1) After registering in populi

2) Your name
3) Course number and name
4) Indicate that it is distance,
5) Please let us know at [email protected].
If you apply for distance, you cannot change to another class method.

After the student requests the distance, the student is not visible even though the distance is displayed in the academic affairs department. Only the professor can see it.
When a student who has applied for distance wants to attend face-to-face or zoom, the student must get approval from the professor in charge.

Attached below is the Fall 2023 Academic Calendar and Lecture Schedule.

Thank you.