Learning Support Center Information

2023-10-12 01:09
The Learning Support Center is back in operation from this week.

Its major task is to meet students one-on-one to help their academic writing, using Word templates, using Populi, searching academic resources, etc.
It will also develop resources (videos, webpages, PDFs) to address frequently asked topics.

Please check the operating hours below and send an email to [email protected] to make an appointment.

The Center will be open for 1 hour per a day, and 20 minutes will be reserved for an appointment which can be extended until the closing hour if no other appointment is scheduled.

Mon (Professor's Office of Doctoral Studies): 4–5pm
Tue (Professor's Office of Doctoral Studies): 4–5pm
Wed (Zoom): 9–10am
Thu (Professor's Office of Doctoral Studies): 4–5pm
Fri (Zoom): 9–10am

Looking forward to meeting you.
Hanjun Kwon, Vice-Dean of Students