Graduation Credit Policy Changed

2023-10-05 10:15
We would like to inform you about the change of graduation credit policy effective Spring 2024.
We have attached the policy file below. (This does not apply to Fall 2023 graduates.)

Please check the contents and if you have any questions regarding graduation credits, you can discuss with the director professor for each degree.
  •  Korean Track Students
BATh: Prof. Seogi Kang, [email protected]
BACC: Prof. Anna Choi, [email protected]
MDiv: Prof. Clay Kim, [email protected]
MACC: Prof. Ohgueon Kwon, [email protected]
MACE: Prof. Youngmi Jang, [email protected]
MAICS: Prof. Abraham Choi, [email protected]
  • ENG, CHI, IND, SPA Track Students
BATh, MDiv, MACE: Dean Song Ju Ahn, [email protected]

*After consulting with your director, you must notify [email protected] of any course substitutions.